Implementation actions include tasks directed at solving target problems. They include works towards the elimination/mitigation of barriers to river continuity, improvement of aquatic and terrestrial habitat conditions, and essaying/evaluating pilot solutions to satisfy complimentary goals (e.g. those related to sustainable fisheries and support to WFD monitoring needs).

Overall, seven implementation actions are foreseen:

  • B1 Mitigation of barriers to river continuity

  • B2 Elimination of barriers to river continuity and re-naturalization of river stretches

  • B3 Pilot program for capturing and translocation of European eel juveniles

  • B4 Restoration of riparian habitats (and control of IAS)

  • B5 Development and evaluation of smartphone-based monitoring by recreational fishermen

  • B6 Development and evaluation of pilot "Mobile Auction"

B7 Replication and Transfer Strategy and Works