Schools and Students

Aiming to attract and engage local students with the project targets and works, the Municipality of Águeda foresees, under sub-action D2.2, to define and deploy a set of activities directed at this audience, on periods that do not compromise regular school activities:

  • practical workshops, starting from august 2018, with a bi-monthly basis, having for subjects issues like the use of information technologies to support conservation (e.g. digital photography, video, app programming/use, …) and awareness raising for river restoration (e.g. though ecological monitoring, ex situ conservation of flora, …);

  • holyday camps for the young, on a total of 4, embracing about 20 person/camp, with an average duration of 15 days, directed at engaging the young with on field conservation works through activities like IAS control, replanting of native trees, removal of small obstacles from the river bed, awareness raising in users of river beaches, among others.

Additionally, the Municipality of Mora foresees that the team from Fluviário de Mora may deploy, under action D2.3, a set of activities that seek awareness raising of schools and students, through the development and execution of the “River goes to School” program.

In addition to the presentation of the Fluviário offer towards such audience - as way to attract more visitors to its facilities and exhibition on the project works - the planned activities, amounting to 40 sessions along the whole project, will allow to increase awareness raising on the project’s targets and goals, among non-local schools.