Raising and Volunteering

Having as main target the resident population, but also occasional visitors/tourists, that can be more actively engaged with the project works, the Municipality of Águeda will target, under sub-action D2.2, the definition and promotion of a set of regular activities that seek to combine leisure and volunteering. These will have as main focus the habitat restoration works also promoted by the Municipality.

The foreseen program will include a monthly guided walk, on a total of 48 walks along the project work areas, with an “all 4 all” perspective (i.e., open for participation of the disabled and/or those with reduced mobility). Each edition is expected to include a guided and awareness raising pedestrian walk, followed by a light on-field picnic and, thereafter, joint volunteering work (e.g. to support the control of invasive flora, removal of litter from margins or river beds, monitoring or maintenance of fish passes,etc.).