Under sub-action D3.2 the Municipality of Mora foresees adaptation of parts of the Fluviário de Mora exhibition in order to deploy new contents about the project works, which will include:

  • one exhibit module about the target problem and the project works, likely including additional aquariums (and/or adaptation of existing ones), a reduced-scale model of one of the installed fish passes (to be delivered by AQUALOGUS), and multimedia elements for exhibition of videos representing the project works and the use of fish passes by migratory fish (to update regularly, following the monitoring results);

  • one exhibit module for disseminating the “citizen science” app directed at voluntary monitoring of recreational fisheries, explaining the targets of such activities, the upload of the app, as well as the most recent data out coming from its use.

One mobile stand/exhibition and supporting elements, targeting external use, for promotion of the Fluviário de Mora and its works within the project.