Mobile Fish Auction


By having for complimentary aim achieving a higher economic sustainability of the professional fisheries of migratory fish within its intervention area, LIFE ÁGUEDA also foresees concrete interventions to support and leverage those targets.

Under such context, and with a multiple use focus, the project includes innovative works directed at the development, essay and evaluation of a pilot solution that seeks to ensure that fishing complies with good practices and rules, while simultaneously fish stocks and populations are kept within sustainable ecological limits.

Under coordination of DOCAPESCA – the national public authority in charge of fisheries control and first gross sale -, the works of action B6Development and implementation of a pilot “Mobile Auction”, include therefore the following tasks:

  • the design of a “Mobile Auction” solution, based on a specifically adapted vehicle that inverts the travelling needs for the fisherman: instead of obliging them to travel to facilities that are far and therefore often avoided, the auction “moves” to the location of the fisherman, allowing fish registry and traceability to take place;

  • operation of the proposed solution together with that of a distinguishing “origin seal” that allows consumers to distinguish and value fish that satisfies sustainability criteria, in link with other communication works of the project.

In all, we expect the system to be operated and evaluated for at least 36 months on real market conditions, after which its future sustainability will be evaluated in order for post-project continuation (which is from now expected viable, given the additional market/sale revenues that we from now expect to raise with the origin seal).