Apart from being obligatory, networking with other teams and LIFE projects is considered by LIFE ÁGUEDA partners as a core task, necessary to critically discuss and exchange useful informations for the project works as well as for increasing the replication potential of its outputs.

Under sub-action D1.5, networking actions are therefore foreseen by most partners, both electronically and by promotion of direct visits to other projects and/or inviting external teams to visit the project works.

To allow for cost-efficient allocation of resources, the approved proposal foresees from the start that each partner will dedicate its networking efforts to specific subject areas that are seen as priority for the applicable partner subjects, while useful for the whole partnership and project works:

  • the team of University of Évora Évora/MARE will target other innovation/demonstration projects dealing with restoration of river continuity;

  • the team from Municipality of Águeda foresees visiting projects that deal mostly with stakeholder engagement in watershed management;

  • the team from the Municipality of Mora will direct efforts to other teams/projects managing aquariums, promoting awareness of the general public and executing ex situ conservation;

  • the team of AQUALOGUS foresees visiting and networking with other engineering teams dealing with dismantling of dams and obstacles and installation of fish passes.

As set in the proposal, all the visits to external teams will be followed by the applicable Networking Synthesis Reports by the participants involved, available for download below: