First Stakeholder Board Meeting

On the 7th December, at the facilities of Municipality of Águeda, the first meeting of the project's Stakeholder Board took place. With a larger audience than expected, which included public, private and civil society organizations, this first meeting allowed to present the project's developments and expected results, with an emphasis on the works to occur along 2019.

The discussion period included an interested and participated question and answer process, which allowed to confirm a global consensus on the project aims, and to identify new perspectives for cooperation with the project works.

WFMD 2018

Among the activities that marked this year, a little around the world, the World Migratory Fishery Day, a visit was organized to the fish pass of Açude da Formoselha on April 21, under the project "LIFE Águeda - Actions of conservation and management of migratory fish in the Vouga watershed "(LIFE16 ENV / PT / 000411), which was followed up by researchers from the University of Évora / MARE. The fish pass of Açude da Formoselha was built in 2015 on the Mondego river, under the project "Rehabilitation of diadromous fish habitats in the Mondego watershed", one of four passages for naturalized fish built in this basin to restore river connectivity and allow the migratory movements of the fish that occur in it.