Nature-like Fish Passes simulate a natural stream; they are particularly suited for low to medium height obstacles, and are intended to provide suitable passage for a wider variety of fish species, allowing both upstream and downstream migrations with no injury risk for the fish. Nature-like fish passes include:

- Fish ramps, usually built with riverbed materials, creating a gentle slope that ensures that fish can surpass the obstacle.

- nature-like bypass channel, a waterway designed for fish passage around a particular obstacle, similar to a natural stream. Bypass channels need considerable space in the vicinity of the obstacle and low gradients.


Life Águeda uses an integrative approach that combines multiple solutions and different works towards the reestablishment of conditions of a good ecological status. Action B1 will target the implementation of nature-like fish passes, with unique characteristics specifically designed for the project implementation area, that will allow the restoration of longitudinal continuity in areas where unsurmountable obstacles were identified and other uses of this infrastructures are still present.