Riparian galleries is a common use designation for a wide range of natural habitats, whose presence is determined by the ecological conditions set at each location (e.g. the presence of underground water along the whole year, soil type, biogeographical region, among others).

Like in many other classification schemes, the common name for each of these habitats is generally linked to the tree species that presents a dominance character within the broader range of species that constitutes the habitat. On the project’s intervention area, main riparian galleries encompass either alder woods, ash woods or willow woods.

Those are therefore the focus of the project’s concrete conservation works on terrestrial habitats – works to be conducted under action B4, under the heading of the Municipality of Águeda. Among the foreseen works – complimentary of those related to control of invasive flora – one expects to undertake thickening of tree cover, either by planting or staking; some seedling of shrubs may also be undertaken, if preparatory works identify such need.